Merstham Amateur Dramatic Society



by Moira Buffini

Directed by Lisa-Jane Ray
23, 24 & 25 October 2019
Merstham Village Hall

Audition Call

Audition date:
Monday 24 June, 7.45
at Church Room, Church Hill, Merstham

Take one deranged but elegant hostess & her long suffering narcissistic husband, mix with
jilted, bohemian artist school friend (with a sprinkling of an affair), a foul mouthed
seductress, a jealous microbiologist and an uninvited misfit, finish off with a silent mysterious waiter and what you have is a delicious feast of comedy at its most heartless and macabre.
Moira Buffini's writing is sophisticated, cutting and darkly comedic. Please note that due to
the pace of the script, cues and accurate line learning is crucial to a good production so
please be prepared to take this on. The characters are all very bold and extrovert so it will be fun to play.

Paige - playing age 30s-60s, large role.
Paige is our hostess. She is neurotic but elegant, cruel and cutting and has a need to be in control. Appears to despise everyone at the dinner party. Upper class and intelligent.

Lars - playing age 30s-60s. Large role.
Lars is Paige's husband and the subject of the dinner party. A successful writer. A narcissistic
philosopher. Charming and relaxed but no match for his wife’s intelligence.

Wynne - playing age 30s-60s. Large role.
Wynne is an old school friend of Lars. They have become involved romantically. Polar
opposite to Paige; kind, bohemian, gentle natured and emotionally vulnerable. A comical

Hal - playing age 30s-60s. Large role.
Hal is the ex-husband of Paige’s best friend. He has been invited to the dinner with his new
wife Sian. Hal is a scientist. He is well meaning but disconnected from his relationship and
desperately jovial.

Sian - playing age 20s-50s. Large role
Sian is the new wife of Lars. She is an intelligent Journalist and attractive to boot with a dry sense of humour. She is unrefined, uncouth and shocking. Described as a ‘sex pot’.

Mike - playing age 20’s-30s. Large role but joins the party later The unexpected guest. Possibly the only normal person at the table. Poses as a burglar to push everyone’s buttons. Great rapport with Paige. Comfortable in himself with a cheeky sense of humour.

The Waiter - playing age: any. Large role but non speaking. A lot of movement to remember
however! The waiter responds only to Paige. She has employed him for the evening and his
true purpose only becomes apparent at the end of the play. Mysterious and intriguing.

For copies of scripts or any questions please contact:
Lisa Ray at or 07773329557.

Please note: should the date not be possible and you would like to read for a part, another date could be arranged.

Autumn Production

23, 24 & 25 October 2019
Merstham Village Hall

by Moira Buffini

Directed by Lisa-Jane Ray.

A black comedy chiller - the dinner party from hell with blood on the carpet before bedtime!

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